Craig Stevens

Artist Feature: Craig Stevens

Artist Statement:

One of the most fascinating moments for me when viewing a painting is the instant when the abstract brushstrokes and blobs of pigment coalesce to become the thing that they were designed to depict. It is truly magical when the eye and brain take over and the combination of autonomous brush marks all come together to produce the illusion of mass and volume and light.

Over the past few years my paintings have reflected my efforts to prolong this moment. By dragging bits of background into my subject and bits of my subject into the background I am trying to draw attention to the painted surface while, at the same time, maintaining the illusion of the thing depicted.

My subjects are humble objects found around the home, at grocery stores or in workshops. I look for easily recognizable, iconic subjects that resonate with my life experience. I most often choose a point of view that I feel most clearly depicts the essence of my subjects.

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