Rekindling The Creative Fire: Five Steps

Rekindling The Creative Fire: Five Steps

Rekindling The Creative Fire: Five Steps

Lately I’ve had the worst case of creators block in my life. It’s been a month since I’ve done anything remotely creative. This writing might be the first actual thing I’ve done.

How do we rekindle the creative fire? for me it’s been incredibly difficult. It’s been hard for me to do anything when I can’t see the point or the purpose of the creation. The first step is to to remove yourself from this mentality. Who cares at the end of the day if your creation has propose or not? Create because you enjoy it!

Step two is to do something small. I’ve been going through the motions for a little over a month now. The bare minimum. literally whatever gets me though my day. The last couple of days I’ve been incorporating small things throughout my day. Yesterday I made myself go take a hike. It’s the first hike I’ve been on in quite sometime. If nothing else it got me away from being a consuming couch potato.

Step three, do something you have to put some thought into. Do day I’m writing this article. Sure it might not be a literary masterpiece, but my fingers are moving and my mind is working. That’s more than either have done in a month. I consider it a win!

Step four, consume something motivational. You can interchange this with any of the steps. For me it seems to help more when there’s already a bit of a fire burning. Find an inspirational YouTube video. Read a self help book. Go find some quotes that make your blood run cold for a minute.

Step five, Push forward. No matter how uncomfortable it makes you, push forward! At first it’s going to be like walking though a swamp of self pity, with a parachute dragging you backwards. Move forward anyway! This step might take a couple of days but get it in your mind that you have to do this in order to be creative again.

If these steps don’t work the first time rinse and repeat. Sometimes you have to chalk it up to the fact that you’re not ready to create. If you can’t get motivated start with step one again and take it slow but keep it steady. It could be time to choose a different medium for your creative process. If your a painter you should give writing a try, or a different form of painting. If you paint with oil give water color a try. Change it up a bit and see if the creative process takes hold.

Good Luck with your creative pursuits!

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